Natural Sleep Program: Product Review

Natural sleep remedy: The Natural Night Sleep Program

Do you struggle to fall asleep? Do you wish you could find natural sleep aids?  With today’s stress and pressures, many of us have trouble getting a good, quality night’s sleep. I count myself as one of those suffering from insomnia (with various reasons behind the sleep problems). Of course, sleep deprivation has many consequences, like irritability, increased probability of pain (for those with chronic pain conditions), increased memory problems, negative affects on health and wellness, and more. Not sleeping well, then trying to “catch up”,  can start a cycle that is seemingly hard to break.

I really like to find products that provide natural solutions, so I was excited when I heard about the natural sleep aids program designed by my friend Johneal Rouse, a UK Hypnotherapist. Here is my review. Let’s start with the basics.

The Natural Night Sleep Program combines soft, melodic music and hypnotic “suggestions” to guide you to sleep.

The Natural Night Sleep Program is one program, which includes three separate tracks.  The first track is a short introduction to help you relax. The second track is the main part of the program. Soft music flows in the background, as the hypnotherapist (Johneal Rouse) guides you into a completely relaxed state through hypnotic suggestions. The third track is short and to be used if you happen to awaken during the night, so you can go back to sleep easily and quickly.

The Natural Night Sleep Program: MP3 Download or CD, plus Bonus Reports

The program is available instantly as an MP3 download, or with a second purchase option, you can receive a physical CD. Both options include bonus reports:  “Abundant Energy Practices – 7 steps to Increasing your Energy” and “How To Remember and Learn From Your Dreams”.

I think the reports could have been sold separately because they are packed full of great information and resources (I even suggested to Johneal that he sell them separately, but he wanted to include them so you’d have these resources free). You’ll learn practical steps on increasing your energy, including what to look for in good vitamins/minerals, good exercises, meditation, and more.  In “How to Remember and Learn From Your Dreams”, you’ll learn what steps you can take that will help you remember your dreams (even if they’re fragments) and what you can learn from your dreams.

The Natural Night Sleep Program can help improve the quality of your sleep, so you can fall asleep easily and reach a deep sleep state. Hypnosis addresses your subconscious, and with continued use of this hypnosis program, you can start to reprogram your sleeping habits. The program includes beautiful music by Canadian singer Marcomé.  In the background, the music is another “layer” to help you relax and fall asleep.

When I listened to the program initially, I was able to relax enough to fall asleep.  Johneal’s voice is calming in itself, and his direct suggestions  help to guide you into relaxing your mind and body. I was so amazed at how well the program worked, that I contacted Johneal to tell him I’d write a testimonial. If you suffer from insomnia, any night’s sleep feels miraculous. And being able to get a good night’s sleep — going into a deep sleep — is priceless.

Even though the background music is beautiful, I didn’t need it to fall asleep. I’m more comfortable using hypnosis without any background noise.  That being said, the music was calming and soft, and I didn’t feel it interfered with the hypnosis guidance. The music also fades, as the hypnosis progresses, which I liked. If you enjoy music to help you relax, you’ll love the selections.

I have listened to the program many times to help me fall asleep. I often read before going to bed, so I downloaded the program onto my Kindle. After reading, I turned to the program and got settled into bed. Without fail, this program has helped me fall asleep.

I personally know Johneal Rouse. Since my first meeting with Johneal, my initial impression was that he was passionate about creating a quality product that will truly help people. I’m happy to be able to spread the word about his sleep program. If you’d like to know more about it, please visit his site: The Natural Night Sleep Program.


Oh, and in the interest of disclosure, the links are referral links. (Johneal has launched an associates program with his sleep program.) If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ve realized that I don’t stick my name and recommendations on things I don’t believe in.  The overall purpose of my site and in my blog reviews is to share products that I think you’ll find of great value.

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5 thoughts on “Natural Sleep Program: Product Review”

  1. I have several hypnosis CDs and I love them. One is on losing weight and I lost 15 pounds using it. The other is on being organized. It’s amazing to me the power of the mind. And how hypnosis has the power to change habits.

    I guess it’s a lot like affirmations. Repeated often enough, it reaches the unconscious and makes lasting changes.
    Debbie Lattuga recently posted..Best Idea for Humanity

  2. Thanks for sharing the info on sleep deprivation. I have learned that as we age we lose the
    melatonin, which is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain
    which helps us regulate our sleeping patterns. I have been fortunate in that my nutrtional company just started creating a natural melatonin supplement but I agree that mood music is also good.

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